09 Aug

Arafat Day 2019

9th Dhul Hijjah is the day of Arafat. Pilgrims reach Arafat after dawn and stay there till sunset of the same day. At Arafat, pilgrims spend the entire day in prayers and repent for their sins while asking for forgiveness from Allah.

Wuquf e Arafat is an important part of the stay at Arafat. The literal meaning of Wuquf is ‘standing’. Pilgrims observe Wuquf by standing in the direction of Ka’abah and raise their hands to pray with devotion.

At Arafat, the sermon of Hajj is given from Masjid e Nimra which must be attended and heard by all the pilgrims. After the sermon, Dhuhr and Asr prayers are combined and prayed together at Arafat.

When the sun sets, pilgrims leave for Muzdalfa without offering Maghrib prayer.

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