Ask the Imam

Often times we are confronted with a situation in which the right choice is not clear or we simply are not aware of the best ethical decision to make. The Mosque offers people opportunities to ask our Imams about these situations and how Islam’s sacred law addresses them. A question and answer session takes place every Monday and Tuesday after Maghreb prayers all year round. If you require a special session with any of our sheiks, this too can be arranged. Just see one of the imaam at the end of any of the congregation prayers every day.

Question & Answer Session

Time: Monday & Tuesday, after Maghreb, all year round.

Location: Front Mosque

Suitability:Luganda class for all ages.

Lecturer: Sheikh Yusuf Kitenda

Prepare any burning issue in Islam and let the Sheikh give you an insight into it. Questions are not limited to any topic and you can ask questions that pertain to both genders.

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