Economic Regeneration

Through its Investment Planning Department, Masjid Al-Qudus, Katuuso has developed a plan to create projects that keep bringing in money to run all its projects and totally reduce or eradicate the procedures of depending on those that visit the mosque for prayers to contribute on everything where money is required.

This separate business wing, Masjid Al-Qudus will host a wide variety of businesses that will also offer employment opportunities to the community’s youth. This initiative by the Youth committee is dedicated to tackling communal poverty and lawlessness.

From a number of possible investment projects, the “Tents, Seats and Tables Hire” was found to be easy to implement and run. Here, we can procure different sized tents and function chairs that can be hired for different functions e.g. Weddings, Parties, Aqiqas, Graduations, Meetings, etc.

For this project to stand, the following budget was drawn to raise the money:

The quotation is for a complete tent that includes Poles (legs), Roof, Back Cover with Hard PVC Tents having a durability of 5yrs.

2017 Plan / Budget for this Investment

# Item Quantity Unit Cost (UGX) Total (UGX)
1 50 Seater Hard PVC Tent 4 1,630,000 6,520,000
2 100 Seater Hard PVC Tent 6 3,350,000 20,100,000
3 Cake Tent – Hard PVC 2 750,000 1,500,000
4 Plastic Chairs 400 23,000 9,200,000
5 Executive Chairs 100 35,000 3,500,000
6 Round Plastic Tables 30    

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