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Management / Executive Committee

The organization of the various activities at Masjid Al-Qudus, Katuuso is coordinated through a number of committees. Each of the committees is composed of a number of dedicated volunteers from within the Konge-Katuuso-Buziga community.

These are; The Management / Executive Committee, Youth Committee, Women Committee and the Construction Committee.

Volunteers to be part of any of these committees are always needed and welcome. Please use the contact page, or contact the committee secretary should you wish to volunteer, or have any suggestions regarding the activities coordinated through these committees.

From the Masjid Constitution, the Management Committee (also known as the Executive Committee) is elected by the Muslim community, comprising of the following members:

  1. The Chairman
  2. The Vice Chairman
  3. The Secretary
  4. The Treasurer
  5. The In-charge of women affairs
  6. The In-charge of youth affairs
  7. The In-charge of Development affairs
  8. The In-charge of welfare affairs
  9. The In-charge of publicity affairs.
  10. The Advisor (An elder of the Muslim community).

The Imam is an ex-officio, that is to say, he is part of this this committee by virtue of holding the office of the Imaam. At least one of the members should have served on the previous committee.

The Functions of this Management Committee are:

  1. Executing the administration and legislation of the mosque
  2. Supervising and protecting the mosque
  3. Protecting the sanctity of the mosque and keeping peace and order intact in the area of the mosque
  4. Taking care for the up keeping of the memory of Hajji Kakande Gava who donated the land and initiated the building of the mosque.
  5. Define, determine and streamline the aims, objectives and programmes of the mosque
  6. Appoint workers and such committees to facilitate the functions of the mosque
  7. Establish, support and act as managers of the mosque
  8. Accepting, collecting and realizing income or money due from the mosque properties
  9. Accepting money and gifts for the upkeep of the mosque and solicit funds locally and internationally for the well being of the mosque
  10. Spending or using any money donated to the mosque according to the wishes of the donor.
  11. Open up and operate bank accounts with any bank or financial institutions on behalf of the mosque.
  12. Acquire movable and immovable properties
  13. Inspire the spirit of enterprise, self esteem, self reliance, community service and fraternal living
  14. Appoint the imam/ deputy together with other employees
  15. Carry out any other functions the committee may deem to be within its powers in consultation with the Muslim community

The Management Committee is mandated to follow the Islamic principles when exercising powers and performing duties under this constitution. In case of using or spending anything donated, funds or articles, it shall be spent according to Islamic principles. Any expenditure from the mosque funds, must be in conformity with Islamic principles and that any properties of the mosque funds, must be in conformity with Islamic principles.

All members of the Management Committee shall be in office for a term of one year and/but can be reappointed.

The current Management Committee is the third of its kind since the founding of Masjid Al-Qudus, Katuuso. It was elected in 2014 and has been in existence to date.

Yusuf Kitenda, Chief Imam

  • Responsible for all prayers and functions at the mosque
  • Is the chief spokesman of the mosque
  • Liaise with Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC), district Khadi, twale and other Muslim NGOs
  • Coordinating activities with the residents
  • Always liaising with the management committee on matters concerning the Muslim affairs in Katuuso
  • Looking after the mosque properties
  • Enforcing discipline for the workers and any case referred to him from the Muslim community
  • Performing any other duties as required by the Management Committee

Tel: +256-772-550428

Ali Kibirige, Chairman

  • Preside over all executive committee meetings
  • Ensure that the Management Committee responsibilities are fulfilled as detailed herein
  • To be responsible for guiding the Imam on the general running of the mosque.
  • Designate responsibilities to members as the needs present themselves.

Tel: +256-702-349255

Akram Zziwa, Vice Chairman

  • To act in the place of chairman when he is away
  • To maintain a register of all Muslims in Katuuso Parish and those who pay allegiance to the mosque.
  • Assist in cultivating and soliciting donations from individuals, groups and organizations.
  • Develop and see the implementation of the calendar for the year activities
  • To provide suggestions for the agenda
  • To carry out duties entrusted to him by the committee

Tel: +256-772-519606

Ismael Kaawaase, Secretary

  • Record all proceedings of the management committee meeting. In his absence, the chairman shall nominate one from among them to take the minutes of a particular meeting.
  • To communicate all decisions of the committee for implementation.
  • To keep records and seal of the management committee.
  • To draw and circulate the agenda for the meeting after consulting the chairman.

Tel: +256-702-459681

Sulaiman Kasumba Katwalo, Treasurer

  • Collect and bank all mosque funds.
  • Account for funds to the committee.
  • Be a mandatory signatory to all bank accounts
  • Initiate ways of generating income to the mosque.
  • Prepare an annual budget for presentation to the committee for approval.
  • Prepare a financial report for presentation to the committee every three months.
  • Be responsible for all financial affairs of the mosque.

Tel: +256-752-770502

Mastulla Ndahura, Women Affairs

  • Be the committee’s link with the female members of the Muslim community.
  • Mobilize the female members of the Muslim community.
  • Offer support and counseling to help women with difficulties.
  • Support women who may lack confidence or require assistance to ensure that their views are clearly represented.
  • Provide advice and information to women on a broad range of subjects.
  • Organize women’s groups and hold seminars and events.

Tel: +256-777-270818

Abdul-Hakeem Ddamulira, Youth Affairs

  • Be the committee’s link with the youth of the Muslim community.
  • Mobilize the youth members of the Muslim community.
  • Be the friendly counselor of the youth members of the Muslim community.
  • Stand by the youth in times of trouble.
  • Organize career guidance workshops for the youth.

Tel: +256-702-412272

Abdul-Nasser Segawa, Development Affairs

  • Be in charge of implementing new capital projects at the mosque.
  • Be in charge of renovating & maintaining the mosque’s physical properties.
  • Prepare and present development budgets to the committee for approval.
  • Devise means of raising funds for the mosque capital projects

Tel: +256-702-609655

Yunus Jjingo, Welfare Matters

  • Be in charge of organizing events at the mosque.
  • To carry out duties entrusted to him by the committee.

Tel: +256-701-418787

Abdul-Nasser Segawa (Acting), Publicity Affairs

  • Promote and publicize in a positive way, all aspects of the mosque.
  • Publicize Muslim functions taking place at the mosque.
  • Disseminate information regarding the Muslim community to members of the Management Committee
  • To produce press releases on the mosque notice board.

Tel: +256-702-609655

Abbas Kaawaase Mukasa, Legal Affairs

  • Oversees legal rulings in all Management Committee affairs of the mosque.
  • Provide for the legal registration of all mosque properties.
  • To prescribe the powers, duties and functions of all custodians, trustees and/or committee members of the mosque
  • To repeal the Management Committee succession and “Wakfs” ordinance and to provide for legal matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.
  • Zealously pursue the mosque's interests within the bounds of the law.
  • Seek improvement of the law, the administration of justice and the quality of service in all mosque affairs.

Tel: +256-701-925386

Muhammad Kifuko, Advisor

  • Provide wise counsel to the committee on the decisions being made.
  • Establish favorable relationship between the committee, the Muslim community and other stakeholders.
  • Mentor members of the committee.
  • Mediate conflicts among the Muslim community.

Tel: +256-782-399349

Salim Sentamu, Advisor

  • Provide wise counsel to the committee on the decisions being made.
  • Establish favorable relationship between the committee, the Muslim community and other stakeholders.
  • Mentor members of the committee.
  • Mediate conflicts among the Muslim community.

Tel: +256-392-296630

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I think Masjid Al-Qudus is acting as a liaison of not only individuals but also, of the Muslim Organisations in Uganda. This is realised in the Friday Khutubah that have attracted many Muslim Scholars from Muslim Centers in and around Kampala, and my thinking is that the goal is to attract as many as Masjid Al-Qudus will find contactable and reachable.

Akram Zziwa Vice Chairman - Executive Committee