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New Masjid Construction

Asalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuhu

All praise is due to Allah (SWT) who is the most kind and most merciful. The Masjid Al-Qudus member community has started the construction of a 3-storey mosque structure and activities are on-going. The Management Committee would like to thank the community and donors for their continued support.

"He who built a mosque for Allah, the Exalted, Allah would build for him a house in Paradise." - Al Hadith [Sahih Muslim Book 4 No. 1084 & 1085]

Project Background

By the grace of Allah (SWT), in 2002, the late Hajji Abdul Noor Kakande Gaava donated a 50 x 100ft piece of land in the Katuuso area, right beside his home for the Masjid construction. Over the years more adjustments have been made to the mosque to accomodate the increasing number of attendants. Since his passing, his wife, Hajat Nuriat Nanteza Kakande, has continued to donate generously to the cause. On numerous occasions, she has offered chunks of land to the mosque to accomodate the perimeter wall, a toilet and washing area projects of the mosque. Recently, she has offered an extra 3-5ft chunk of land to accomadate this new Masjid mega plan.

Project Startup:

Masjid Al-Qudus, Katuuso Construction Committee issued a Request For Proposal (RFP) to architectural companies in the Kampala Area. Three local companies responded to our bid. After a coulple of months of extensive review and evaluation of the bids received, the Masjid Construction Committee recommended an architect to the Management Committee. An Architecture Contract was finalised with the Architecture / Architectural Supervisor, Mr. Sentongo Charles, of Design Skill Associates, Architects and Building Consultants.

Project Scope: To build 8,000 sq. ft. masjid with classrooms for AMDA Sunday school.

Project Cost: The cost of construction of the masjid is estimated to be about UGX 846,000,000 (approximately $260,000). The permit fees and other miscellaneous Kampala City Council fees are estimated to be about UGX 14,500,000 (approximately $4,500).

Project Timeline: The construction of the masjid will take 24 - 36 months provided we have 100% funding.

The likeness of those who spend their wealth in Allah's way is as the likeness of a grain which growth seven ears, and in every ear a hundred grains. Allah giveth increase manifold to whom He will. Allah is All Embracing, All Knowing.” 2:261 (Holy Quran)

Construction Plan

A lot of consideration has to go to the fact that the current Masjid will continuosly hold its daily service as all the phases of construction are on-goging. The new mosque structure will be built around the old mosque before it is broken down.

Item Stage Reason Amount Paid Balance Progress
Architect Fees Phase 1 Plan / Supervision 8,000,000 6,000,000 2,000,000
Buganda Land Board Fees Phase 2 Land Premium 2,320,000 2,320,000 -
Kampala City Council Authority Fees Phase 3 Plan Approval 1,000,000 1,000,000 -
Community Toilets Phase 4 Construction 9,949,200 8,449,200 1,500,000
UMEME Phase 5 Shifting Electric Pole 5,288,000 5,288,000 -
Masjid Pillars Phase 6 Pillar Construction / Election 71,415,547 11,867,098 59,548,449
Masjid Foundation Phase 7 Construction 35,396,429 35,396,429 -
Substructures and Others Phase 8 Construction 111,201,578 - 111,201,578
Ground Floor and Others Phase 9 Construction 193,757,490 63,757,490 130,000,000
First Floor Phase 10 Construction 183,137,880 - 183,137,880
Second Floor Phase 11 Construction 224,399,503 - 224,399,503
TOTAL 845,865,626 253,759,700 592,105,926

Construction Project Design:

Phase 4 (Community Toilets)- Current Construction Status (as of 11th May 2017):

Phase 7 (Masjid Foundation)

Phase 6 & 8 (Basement Floor, Substructures & Ground Floor):

Phase 6 & 8 (Basement Floor, Substructures & Ground Floor):


Dear Brothers and Sisters, we urgently need your contributions to keep the new masjid construction project moving. Members of the Management and Construction Committees pledged to see Phases 1, 2, 3 and 5 through and have so far generously committed to get the work progressing. The completion of this Masjid is dependent on every one of us. Every shilling/dollar counts and makes lot of difference.

How Can You Help?

First, Thank you very much for your support. May Allah (SWT) bless you and your family. There are several ways in which you can be of help to this cause. Please find and make use of whichever way makes it easy for you.

1. Construction Fund Box

Placing your payment (Cash or Check) in the "Construction Fund" box inside of Masjid Al-Qudus, Katuuso. The Cheque is paid to:

Masjid Al-Qudus Katuuso

2. Bank Deposit

You can make a bank deposit or money transfer directly to our Construction Account at Tropical Africa Bank, Kansanga.

Bank Name: Tropical Africa Bank
Branch: Kansanga Branch
Account Name: Masjid Al-Qudus Katuuso
Account Number: 0060053537
Address: 5277, Gabba Road, P.O Box 9485, Kampala – Uganda

3. Mobile Money Transfer

You can make a mobile money transfer directly to the following mobile phone numbers. Please be advised to verify that the receipient names match the given names below:

Imaam: MTN - 0772537138 (Yusuf Kitenda)
Imaam: Airtel - 0755550428 (Yusuf Kitenda)
Treasurer: MTN - 0776404366 (Adam Kizito Nsubuga)
Treasurer: Airtel - 0757992089 (Adam Kizito Nsubuga)

Please inlcude the REASON as "Masjid Construction". Once sent, please endeavour to call the number you have sent the money to, to confirm reciept.

4. Cash Payment

You can make a cash payment directly to any member of the Construction Committee. Please be advised that a cash reciept MUST be given back to you. Be aware of personnel that might pretend to represent any member of the Committee.

Find the list of Construction Committee members at the following link:

Construction Committee

The mobile number of every one of the members is available. Please call to verify if in doubt.

5. Materials Delivery

You can also make a building materials pledge. These you can deliver yourself or ask us to pick from a premises of your choice. These could include: Cement, Sand, Bricks, Iron bars, Doors and Windows, etc. Please call to verify the specifications of the materials we need before making a delivery.

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