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Masjid Custodians

Sheikh Yusuf Kitenda has been the Chief Imam and Khateeb of Masjid Al-Qudus, Katuuso since 2001. Before then, he also worked in a number of capacities but mostly as Imaam at Mabanda Masjid in Ggaba and Kiruddu Masjid in Buziga. He was born in Kiziiko, Butambala by the late Sheikh Zaid Sekibaala and Rukiya Nakakande. He went to Kiziiko Quran School in Butambala for his Primary School Studies and then later to Bbuye Islamic School. Then in Kibibi Muslim Secondary School, Mpigi District, he continued his study of Islamic Sciences under several scholars. Sheikh Yusuf has gone on to teach both Quran and Islamic Studies in several schools. He is a married man and currently a father of 6. He is a chicken farmer and this has helped him not only to take care of his family, but to also build his own house.

Mahmood Wambedde was born in Maganga, Mbale to Mr. Saffiyi Wassaza. He is married and a father of one. He lives in one of the Mosque's residences. He has served the Mosque since 2004.

Mahmood works on several jobs to earn a living while still committing the mosque. He cleans and looks after the mosque, pays all the bills, and stands in as security for the mosque and all its properties.

Hajat Nuriat Kakande has served the mosque since its inception in 2001. Her husband, Hajji AbdulNoor Kakande, offered the land on which the mosque is built and since his passing, Hajat Nuriat has taken over his custodianship. The Mosque is built right beside her house and has continued to generously offer more land to accomodate more developments at the mosque.

Hajat Nuriat was born in 1934 by the late Hajji Hassan Kaweesa of Nakibanga, Mawokota and Hajat Hanifa Namatovu of Kalamba Butambala. She went to Nakatooke Primary School in Kitagobwa and then later to Kibuli Demonstration School. She later graduated as the first female Muslim teacher at Busoga Iganga Teacher's Training College.

Hajat Nuriat has worked as a teacher in several schools that include Nakatooke Primary School in Kitagobwa, Namasumbi, Kawempe, Bukoto Primary School and Ggaba Demonstration School in Munyonyo. She got married in 1955 and has been blessed with 10 children.

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