New Muslim Advice & Support

Allah says in the holy Quran 5:3

الْيَوْمَ أَكْمَلْتُ لَكُمْ دِينَكُمْ وَأَتْمَمْتُ عَلَيْكُمْ نِعْمَتِي وَرَضِيتُ لَكُمُ الْإِسْلَامَ دِينًا

"...This day, I have perfected your religion for you, completed My favour upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion..."

Allah gave this favour to the whole of humanity. Therefore any one can become a Muslim no matter what his/her race, language or colour is. No matter whether they are single, married, divorced or a child.

All sins committed before coming to Islam are forgiven. One who converts to Islam is totally reborn and starts with a clean record.

The Services Offered:

  • Information and advice regarding Islam
  • Help with becoming a Muslim (Shahadah)
  • Guidance on how to perform the prayer
  • Guided visit to a mosque
  • Complimentary books and booklets (including Qur'an)
  • Family social gatherings
  • Educational seminars
  • Community Iftars (meal to open the fast in Ramadan)
  • Family friendly Eid parties
  • Annual youth retreats for young people (boys & girls)
  • One to one support and advice for brothers and sisters new to Islam

A new muslim faces a number of challenges having converted. Learning their new religions is the least of their worries. They constantly face rejection from their own family members, friends and peers. They are sent out of their family homes and left to fend for themselves, sometimes as young as early teenagers.

We are constantly faced with issues regarding food, beddings, stationery or school materials, quran shortage, money for upkeep etc.

The 'New Muslim Sponsorship' project aims to provide these people many of which are children full-time education.

This education, tailored for both secular and Islamic needs, will cement the children's new-found imaan and provide them with the knowledge and understanding to live their lives.

Masjid Al-Qudus is appealing to donors to help provide for this project. Zakah, Sadaqah and Lillah can be given to support a new Muslim child.

You can donate money or required items that include: blankets, bedshees, clothes, hijabs, soap, sugar, cooking oil, rice, maize flour, millet flour, plates and cups, books, Qur'ans, reading books, basins etc. If in Uganda, you can call us to pick these items from everywhere.

On the Day of Judgement, there will be no regret for that donor who helped educate these people inshaAllah.

New Muslim Application Form

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