Masjid Services

Service is among the highest callings of a human being. As such, the core mission of the Masjid Al-Qudus is to provide valuable services to its large community. These services are meant to foster a strong sense of family and community, and provide spiritual solace and sacred space in a fast-paced and sometimes overwhelming world. More than 2,000 people benefit from the Masjid’s services on a regular basis. We feel honored to be of service to our community.

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    Prayer Services 5 Times A Day

    We conduct 5 daily prayer services 7 days a week. Additionally, the Mosque holds the Friday prayers. The timing for each prayer is posted on the top right corner of every page of this website. Our Mosque is available for worshippers to come and perform the sacred act of worship in congregation.

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    Marriage Services

    We offer pre-marriage advice to couples about to join each other in the holy bond and commitment of matrimony. We perform the formal marriage service, in conjunction with Uganda Muslim Supreme Council requirements and documentation.

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    Advice / Counselling

    Muslims turn to the mosque for help and advice in all matters of their day-to-day life. The Majid Al-Qudus' trained Imams advise and counsel on the many concerns of the community such as bereavement, cultural challenges, generational issues and matrimonial problems.

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    The Mosque holds regular lectures and special events in which our community may expand their knowledge. Programs include Quran commentary and wisdom, details of sacred law, lessons from the life of the Prophet (PBUH), history of Muslim civilization, the proper performance of rites of worship (like prayer and Hajj), civic issues and duties, etc.

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    Zakat Collection & Distribution

    Masjid Al-Qudus, Katuuso collects and distributes zakat to the local Muslim community in the Konge-Katuuso-Buziga area. We are proud to be the leader in zakah collection and distribution in this area, but need your help to help your brother and sisters in need.

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    Funeral Services

    When the inevitability of death comes to our loved ones, the details and pressures of funerals can be taxing. Masjid Al-Qudus offers grieving families funeral services, including washing of the body, proper wrapping with cloth, funeral sermons, and prayer services.