Social Welfare

Social, as well as spiritual, welfare is at the heart of everything we do. Our imams saw over 200 people last year, advising on a wide range of personal and religious matters. Our imams are on hand during prayer times and are always available to help and guide visitors.

The mosque has helped both muslims and non-muslims in the community in a number of ways the include:

  • Housing Assistance

The mosque has re-settled a number community members find housing after being displaced by their landlords because of financial constraints. Through this initiaive the mosque finds you an affordabe house and pays initial rental fees of upto 6 months as one finds a job or work and can pay their rent.

One of such cases was in 2016 when one muslim gentleman decided to denounce Islam thereby leaving his wife and kids who refused to follow him in his new religious interests. He left his family in a small rental house which they couldn't afford because none of them was working. They were evetually evicted with over 4 months of rent in arreas. Through masjid Al-Qudus initiative, the lady and her children have been re-housed and she has been helped to find a job.

  • Food Drive

Masjid Al-Qudus Food Distribution Program serves close to 100 people and is dedicated to distributing food to the needy and hungry in the Konge-Katuuso-Buziga area. This program also extends to a weekly communal meal EVERY Friday after the Juma prayers and on the two Eids after the Eid prayers.

  • Education

Through its youth program, Masjid Al-Qudus pays school fees for a number of orphans in the commuinty. This also includes school requirements. Currently, 15 orphans benefit from this cause. Of these, are some of the orphans of one of the late imams of the masjid.

We also arrange sensitisation programs on poverty eradication, healthy living, responsibity living, etc.

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