About Us

Vision & Mission, Aims and Values

Masjid Al-Qudus is in the heart of a diverse community with a large Muslim community. It is our belief that our primary concern should be to serve the needs of the local community and to work towards the common good. In recent years, there have been noticeable improvements in the local community's education, health provision, environment, and community cohesion. Our partnerships with locals have helped us to contribute towards these improvements. This builds on the very foundation of the mosque: a coming together of distinguished Muslims and non-Muslims.

Our objective is to promote religion in accordance with the tenets and doctrines of the Islamic faith while adhering to Islamic values and we are committed to the general welfare of all our members so that they may contribute to the well being of the community at large.

We promote education and teachings of the Islamic faith for the benefit of the Muslim community. We promote any charitable purpose for the benefit of the Muslim community in Konge, Katuuso and Buziga and the surrounding areas; especially for the relief of poverty, distress and sickness.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to see a world of God consciousness, respect, dignity and justice. Our mission is to Serve, Educate and Inspire.

Our Values

We are people who will always strive to:

  1. Live by the teachings of the Quran & the ‘Messengers’ sayings & actions
  2. Demonstrate selflessness, integrity, truthfulness, forgiveness, humility & modesty
  3. Treat each other and all people with respect, fairness and justice
  4. Continually acquire knowledge, learn and improve ourselves and help others to do the same
  5. Take responsibility, work as a team, build relationships and partnerships based on doing the right thing
  6. Have energy, enthusiasm, and the courage to lead
  7. Be accountable to each other, continually remember death, and fearing final accountability to Allah.

Our aims are to:

  • To be a living symbol of Islam in Katuuso
  • To be a place where Muslims can be free to perform prayers and any other rituals in promotion of Islam.
  • To be a place where marriage ceremonies can be conducted.
  • To work with local and international organizations in pursuit of the above aims and objectives
  • To acquire, own and protect mosque properties.
  • Focus on the needs of the diverse Muslim community whilst ensuring services are open to all.
  • To give charity in cash and kind to the needy and meet the needs of the local community by promoting health, education and employment opportunities.
  • Provide Muslims and non-Muslims with the opportunity to learn and understand Islam, through dialogue, discussion and social interaction.
  • Contribute to the social, cultural, spiritual and economic enhancement of the whole community, through policy and strategy development and service.

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Things change all the time. Nothing lasts. So, don’t wait for an apology, forgive. Give what you can. Spread the joy. Make things happen.

Abubakar Jumba Member - Youth Committee