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Youth Committee

The Youth Committee is a sub-committee established to assist in the management of the mosque. Its mission is to provide the youth of Katuuso with a safe religious and Islamic environment through various programs, trips and events

Masjid Al-Qudus' Youth Committee is all about empowering our youth, increase youth development and leadership through participation. Alhamdullilah, the youth of Katuuso and the sorrounding areas came together to create a committee solely for the purpose of focussing on the youngsters. The mosque's Management Committee was very excited to hear such a strong voice in the youth of the community and have since kept working with them to increase the Imaan and the certainity of the future generations in the community.

The Youth Committee, headed by the Imam, works closely with the Management Committee to:

  1. Ensure that the mosque is properly run on Islamic principles
  2. Be responsible for propagation, collection and distribution of zakah from time to time.
  3. Carry out day to day work of all programmes and policies set by the committee.
  4. Participate in religious education of the Muslim community of Katuuso
  5. Participate in all activities generating funds for the mosque and any other duties as directed by the committee
  6. Hold workshop series and conferences on career development, grant writing and community activisim

If you would like to join the Masjid Al-Qudus' Youth Committee, be a board member of the Youth Committee, or have questions or suggestions, please contact the Secretary for more information.

Yusuf Kitenda, Patron

The Imam is an ex-officio, that is to say, he is part of this this committee by virtue of holding the office of the Imaam. He is a patron to all committees and his role involves steering all disscussions, rulings, suggestions etc. in conformity with the Islamic teachings.

He is the link to all committees and makes sure that there is no duplication and clashing between committee strategies.

He is the enforcer of most of these strategies and thus owes it to the committee to be answerable to his actions.

Tel: +256-772-550428

Abdul-Hakeem Ddamulira, Chairperson

  • Preside over all Youth Committee meetings
  • Ensure that the Youth Committee responsibilities are fulfilled as detailed herein
  • Working closely with the Chairman Management Committee in being responsible for guiding the Imam on the general running of the mosque.
  • Designate responsibilities to members as the needs present themselves.

Tel: +256-702-412272

Ishaaq Ngobi, Vice Chairperson

  • To act in the place of chairman when he is away
  • To assist maintain a register of all Youth Muslims in Katuuso Parish and those who pay allegiance to the mosque.
  • Assist in cultivating and soliciting donations from individuals, groups and organizations to help youth projects.
  • Develop and see the implementation of the calendar for the year youth activities
  • To provide suggestions for the agenda
  • To carry out duties entrusted to him by the committee

Tel: +256-782-088472

Yasin Kyambadde, Treasurer

  • Collect and bank all Youth funds.
  • Account for funds to the committee.
  • Be a mandatory signatory to all Youth Committee bank accounts
  • Initiate ways of generating income to the mosque.
  • Prepare an annual youth budget for presentation to the committee for approval.
  • Prepare a financial report for presentation to the committee every three months.
  • Be responsible for all youth financial affairs of the mosque.

Tel: +256-702-515025

Leila Nambuusi, Secretary

  • Record all proceedings of the Youth Committee meetings. In absence, the chairman shall nominate one from among them to take the minutes of a particular meeting.
  • To communicate all decisions of the committee for implementation.
  • To keep records and seal of the Youth Committee.
  • To draw and circulate the agenda for the meeting after consulting the chairman.

Tel: +256-783-874683

Rashid Magezi Kalungi, Public Relations Officer

  • Promote and publicize in a positive way, all aspects of the youth activities.
  • Publicize youth functions taking place at the mosque.
  • Disseminate information regarding the youth community to members of the Management Committee
  • To produce press releases on the mosque notice board.

Tel: +256-782-327764

Rashid Bunya, Legal Advisor

  • Oversees legal rulings in all Youth Committee affairs of the mosque.
  • Working closely with the Management Committee to provide for the legal registration of all mosque properties.
  • Working closely with the Management Committee to prescribe the powers, duties and functions of all custodians, trustees and/or committee members of the mosque
  • To repeal the Youth Committee succession and “Wakfs” ordinance and to provide for legal matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.
  • Working closely with the Management Committee to zealously pursue the mosque's interests within the bounds of the law.
  • Working closely with the Management Committee to seek improvement of the law, the administration of justice and the quality of service in all mosque affairs.

Tel: +256-779-902169

Asha Birungi, Welfair Officer

  • Be in charge of organizing events at the mosque.
  • To carry out duties entrusted by the committee.

Tel: +256-703-719497

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Segujja Bisatu


Asalaam Alaikum. Our new Mosque construction is another milestone that the Muslim community in Konge-Katuuso-Buziga has gotten to. It is another privilege that Allah has granted us and indeed another chance for us to ponder much on the many bounties that our Lord has unveiled for us. It Is the technology taught to mankind by Allah for every humanity to benefit from. Someone is doing some thing on behalf of others and that some one is Masjid Al-Qudus, Katuuso.

Ali Kibirige Chairman - Management Committee